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Last Updated: Saturday, 25 November 2006, 13:16 GMT
Severe weekend weather subsides
A car in a flood
Forecasters are warning of flooding in the South West and South Wales
Wet and windy weather which hit parts of the UK has begun to subside, according to forecasters.

The strongest reported wind was 60 mph (96 kmp/h) which hit the Solent area on England's south coast, said the BBC Weather Centre's Peter Gibbs.

He said rain had led to flooding in parts of the South West.

The Highways Agency has warned motorists to take extra care while the Coastguard Agency has issued a severe weather warning to UK mariners.

Sunday was predicted to be much calmer across the UK.

The BBC's Mr Gibb said: "There have been strong winds around, very gusty, and mainly combined with heavy rain.

"The rain has been mainly around eastern England and there has been reports of flooding, particularly in the South West."

He added: "There has been severe weather, but we've seen the worst of it."

The last of the rain in the East Anglia was expected to clear up on Saturday afternoon, although Northern Ireland was set to see more rainfall.

Homes flooded

Residents were evacuated from two Dorset homes in the early hours of Saturday due to flooding, officials said.

Firefighters pumped one foot (30cm) of water from a house in Sturminster Newton and eight inches (20cm) from a house in Motcombe, near Shaftesbury, after a stream burst its banks, a spokesman explained.

Angela Peebles, 63, who lives near the stream in Motcombe, said water was rushing down the hill from Shaftesbury after "an awful lot of rain".

"We just can't cope with this amount of water or we will all be flooded," she said.

"It is a terrible worry and I'm beginning to regret the fact that I bought this house because the danger of flooding is so real," she said.

Irish ferries

Meanwhile, the AA's website warned of a water hazard on the M4 motorway near the Brynglas Tunnel in south-east Wales.

It also said some Irish Ferries Swift Sailings on the Holyhead to Dublin route had been cancelled due to adverse conditions on the Irish Sea.

The Coastguard Agency has issued a severe weather warning to mariners all around the UK.

It also warned against wave watching from promenades or piers because of the increased risk of being swept into the water.

The storms come after Britain enjoyed the warmest extended summer period on record.

You can send pictures and video of stormy weather to: yourpics@bbc.co.uk or to send via MMS please dial +44 (0)7725 100 100.

Do not endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws.

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