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Reaction to Diana report findings
Family and friends have been reacting after a police inquiry into the Paris car crash which killed Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed found the death was a "tragic accident".


Princess Diana
Diana's sons said they hoped the report would end speculation

Prince William and Prince Harry have received a copy of the report from Lord Stevens personally.

They are extremely grateful to Lord Stevens and his team for the thoroughness and professionalism they have shown during their investigation, and trust that these conclusive findings will end the speculation surrounding the death of their mother Diana, Princess of Wales.


Diana's siblings Earl Spencer, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes issued a statement backing Lord Stevens' findings.

We have been kept informed over the course of the inquiry by Lord Stevens and his officers.

We have been briefed on the conclusions of the inquiry and agree with them entirely, and look forward to reading the full report in detail.


Everything should be put before a jury of ordinary people, in public, in a coroner's court...

Lord Stevens said that he hoped his report would draw a line under this matter, he hoped people would move on.

Mohamed Al Fayed at news conference
Mr Al Fayed continues to believe there was a cover-up

Mohamed would like nothing more. He wants only closure, he wants to think back on the summer of 1997 as a happy time, with his family and Diana's family together and everybody so content in their own company.

But he does feel that he has a solemn duty as a parent to reveal the facts as he believes them to be.

Now, if all this evidence can be put before a jury in this country for them to judge the validity of his beliefs, he has not doubt that they will find that Dodi Al Fayed and Diana, Princess of Wales, were murdered.

It's a terrible thing to have to say, but that is his belief and such is the strength of his conviction that he believes he has nothing to fear from the light of day.


It seems that, very much as you might expect, this was a chain of events that was allowed to run out of control.

During the years that I worked for the princess she was under the protection of extremely professional Scotland Yard protection officers and their number one rule always was to avoid unexpected things happening, to anticipate trouble before it began.

Certainly looking at the CCTV pictures of the princess leaving the hotel, I knew that expression, she was not happy.

It looked to me as though she was aware that there was a lot of unexpected activity that she was being asked to change her own plans, that there was nobody really in charge who knew what they were doing and it's in exactly those sort of circumstances that this kind of chain of events can take charge.


Anybody who had followed the French investigation, which I did quite closely, would know that that would be the result, and I just hope now that the conspiracy theorists will take a break and accept that all this was a tragic accident.

Those who knew her, you know, her family and her friends, all along have known that this was a tragic accident.

And the greater impact is for all of those in the public - and I understand its one in three -who still subscribe to this theory.

I just hope that they now put this to rest. And it is time that the princess's life was celebrated - it's time that we thought about all the good that she achieved in her life, and the last nine years have been spent picking over the tragic way in which she died.

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