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'Street prostitutes all need drugs'

Dawn Annandale
Dawn Annandale says street prostitutes have low self esteem
As police investigate the murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich former sex worker Dawn Annandale explains what drives women on to the streets.

I never worked the streets like the girls in Ipswich, I worked as an escort sleeping with clients. But I met many girls who did.

They have such low self esteem but they are also so full of self pity. They say 'I can never do this or that'.


A lot of them just need a very big shake and someone telling them 'you can get out of this'.

But when you have been told as a child that you are worthless and you have an adult who has abused you, inevitably you will see yourself as rubbish and worthless.

These girls are desperate and will do anything. I've seen them.
Dawn Annandale, former escort

Those who have been abused will have no concept of the emotional side of sex. They will simply see sex as a commodity to be sold.

A lot of them become dependent on drugs because of their background and the drugs give them oblivion.

Every girl working the streets that I met was doing it to feed a drug habit. There is no way you would do it otherwise.


I was earning 2,500 a week, these girls earn much less. Their dealer or pimp might say their next fix will cost 60 so they go out and aim to get three jobs at 20 each at all costs.

These girls are desperate and will do anything. I've seen them. It's proven that drugs like heroin act on the part of the brain that deals with reason.

There's no question that the girls in Ipswich will be going to other areas for work or will be trying to get work in parlours while the police are there.

I've no doubt some of them will be trying to get out on the streets as it is. They will be thinking 'well, it won't happen to me'.

These girls have habits to fund and pimps to pay and they need to get out.

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