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Brits abroad: Know before you go
The Foreign Office is running a campaign to better prepare would-be expats for their move overseas. It says that just following some key steps can help to avoid major problems in the future. The full advice is available from the internet links on the right-hand-side.


Properly research your destination. Find out about the local laws and customs.

Find out what the Foreign Office can and can't do if things go wrong.

Learn some of the local language. While many expats may live in British enclaves, contact with local people - and the authorities - is crucial.

Work out retirement income. Many expats fail to take into account both inflation and exchange rate fluctuations. The Department for Work and Pensions produces state pension forecasts.

Research how liabilities for UK taxes apply to expats.

Buy a property abroad as you would in the UK: Carefully and with professional legal advice.


Register with the local authorities. This opens doors to local welfare and health services. Find out about local welfare entitlements. Find out about health service charges.

British residents of EU or EEA states must apply for a residence permit within three months.

Register with the British Consulate.

Make a will. One of the biggest legal problems for a family comes when a relative dies abroad.

Open a non-resident foreign bank account.

Keep a valid passport.

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