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Sunday, 23 January, 2000, 15:06 GMT
Your Subbuteo match of the day

Ferguson, Bassett, Taylor, Bingham and Clough talk Subbuteo tactics

It sounds like the final whistle for Subbuteo after 50 years of flick football. We asked for your greatest moments.

Who can beat the thrill of being in front of goal and shooting just wide because of the jolt of pain as you kneel on your centre-half? Can videogames compete with that - can a glued centre-half dribble out of defence?
Simon Bee, Brazil via UK

When I was about nine (1979), Tony Joynes and myself used to play Subbuteo at his house. I never had my own set but I did have a Nottingham Forest team, he was West Ham. We both lived in Newark. His set included a fine silver FA cup replica trophy, he also had a scoreboard that was really the bees knees then. My most memorable recollections is Forest beating the Hammers 14-10 in the FA Cup final, and me threatening to take the cup home. He had a sulk, stood up and squashed my Peter Shilton. His mum red carded him and gave me another keeper, but it was never the same again without Shilts. Mitch
Mitchell Fenton, UK

He had a sulk, stood up and squashed my Peter Shilton.
Mitchell Fenton
I broke my right arm as a child and learnt to flick with my left and still thrashed my brother (I played England with the Don Revie 'new era' colours).
Aidan, England

As a kid in secondary school 3rd form in Beaconsfield we used to have a lunchtime league of 16 players. We had two or three pitches sellotaped to tables in our form room. Lots of fun.
Michael Svatek, USA

After losing to my brother, I cut the pitch in half because I didn't want my half of the pitch in his room. He was older and a better player than me! Twelve years later he gave me his half as well during the best man's speech at my wedding. Happy memories. FIFA 2000 isn't quite the same.
Nick Rich, UK

I remember getting a real roasting from my mate's mum for drawing out a pitch on her green carpet in chalk - well we were only young and pitches cost a lot in those days. Anyway, we got in a few good games before she came home and found out - the problem was we couldn't rub the lines out completely. The other thing about my mate Bob was that he cheated, he never did master the clean flick but "dragged", not having a ref our games usually ended in terrible arguments.
Dr Gary Lock, UK

We built a stadium out of lego complete with goals, the ball never went out of play!
Steve Benson, UK

As a child growing up in Strathaven in the 1960s every Saturday night was Subbuteo night and my friend and myself would get together. On these days Alloa and Forfar were the giant teams of Scotland. What a beautiful fantasy !
Jimmy, Canada

My brother, Ronnie, and I were fanatic Subbuteo fans, growing up in the 60s in Thornton Heath, in the heart of Crystal Palace country. We once sent away for this amazing accessory that claimed to hold the ball in the goal and thus resolve any dispute as to whether the ball had gone in or not - "stops even the hardest shot", said the blurb. Imagine our sense of betrayal when the article arrived and turned out to be a roll of heavy-duty Sellotape that we were supposed to drape around the goal frame! Still, the game was a great and bonding pastime for us. Sometines even our girlfriends had to take second place to Subbuteo.
David Puttock, Canada

I used to look forward to playing against my babysitter's boyfriend on Saturday nights. He usually won, but it was lots of fun. Shame it's being crowded off the toy store shelves.
Neville Wardle, USA

In the early 80s my baby sister stepped on Pele - breaking him in half. A botched gluing operation left him shorter and squatter than the rest of the team (more like Maradona). However it meant I could generate extra spin on the ball and the rechristened Stumpy became a formidable player.
Jon Collins, England

My old man fell over onto the entire Tottenham team squashing them all to a pulp.
Danny Williams
At least I get to beat Germany every time!
Paul, UK

I've got a cousin called Kevin - he always beat me at Subbuteo, because he flicked the kick and I didn't know!
Ken Nicolson, Japan

My favourite moments as a schoolboy playing Subbuteo back in England was gluing the centre forward back on his base when I inadvertently put my knee on him while trying to defend a corner. The site of him forward with UHU stuck to his legs will always be a fond memory. Being a Manchester City supporter the half prone position taken up by the centre forward reminded me of Francis 'ONE PEN' Lee getting ready to take a dive in the penalty area. Fond memories indeed and one which my children will never experience.
Colin Bletcher, Canada

As an Arsenal fan my funniest memory has to be when my old man fell over onto the entire Tottenham team squashing them all to a pulp. I've never laughed as much since and I doubt I ever will
Danny Williams, England

I really enjoyed setting up the pitch and the teams, however I won't miss the pain of bare knees kneeling on one of the little players - a common sporting injury in the Subbuteo world.
Dave Matthewman, USA formely UK

Alloa and Forfar were the giant teams of Scotland
As a child I had the World Cup Edition and played it for many years on my own and with several friends. I will go out and buy an edition asap to keep as a reminder of my most favourite game.
Tim McNaught, England

After pooling resources, Barrie Bushnell and myself assembled the entire stadium, complete with all the accessories, fans (well Airfix soldiers) and astroturf pitch. This took all day, only for us to find that we couldn't reach the pitch to play a game!
Daniel Hurst, UK

My two older brothers told me that there was no such thing as Santa Claus just so that they could get me to ask for additional accessories such as the electronic scoreboard, new teams and extra supporters for the stands... thing is, I was no more than seven at the time... sob !
Ricky Fernandez,

Another piece of my youth is leaving me. Sigh!
Andrea Rizzoli, Italy

My baby sister stepped on Pele - breaking him in half.
John Collins
When I first started playing, the figures were cardboard and, I think red/blue were the only available colours. It was possible to remove the figure from the plastic base and so we developed a cottage industry by creating a template and replicating in many different club colours. Following the introduction of the plastic figures, I seem to recall that there were no "coloured" players. To achieve a sense of realism, we used to paint the South American teams. Technology eventually caught us up!
Roy Dobson, UK

When I was a teenager we had a Subbuteo league. One memorable day we had two players playing, one referee, I was commentating into a cassette recorder and the other three were the half-time panel. Happy days.
Dougie Forde, UK

It's appalling that this part of most people's life has been taken away forever.
A Sinclair, Scotland

I had this game as a kid - and was an expert! I now have a nine-year old boy and have just bought the game - we play it every evening!! FORGET COMPUTER GAMES!! CAN WE START A CAMPAIGN TO SAVE THE GAME?
Jon Cohen, England

This cannot be allowed to happen! I was just going to buy a set and launch an international competition over here at my office in the Netherlands. This will be a national disgrace and action must be taken now to prevent it.
Wyatt Bell, Netherlands

My dad played Subbuteo when he was a kid. He loved the game and I love it too. I don't think they should get rid of it.
Noah, United States

I'm 23 years old but still have vivid memories of enthralling Subbuteo games back in the 1980s, especially with my mate Will. It's such a shame that kids nowadays are so addicted to sitting in front of a computer screen rather than winning the FA Cup final on the green felt for their favourite team.
Nick Redfearn, England

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