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Iraq death soldier named by MoD
Jamie Hancock
Kingsman Hancock came under fire while on sentry duty
A British soldier who died after an attack on a base in southern Iraq has been named by the Ministry of Defence.

Kingsman Jamie Hancock, of the 2nd Battalion Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, came under small arms fire on Monday while on sentry duty in Basra City.

The 19-year-old, who lived with his soldier brother near Wigan, Greater Manchester, began a tour last month.

The number of British troops killed in operations in Iraq is now 121. Of these, 91 died after hostile action.

On joining the army, Kingsman Hancock served as a rifleman involved in training to prepare other units for operations in Iraq.

He started a six-month tour of the country as part of Catterick-based 19 Light Brigade, which his battalion forms part of.

He had been in Iraq since 21 October.

'Fearless spirit'

Kingsman Hancock's company commander, Major Chris Job, described him as an "energetic and enthusiastic individual who lived for the Army and had a very promising career ahead of him".

"His enthusiasm was boundless and the fearless spirit with which he lived was amply demonstrated by his decision to volunteer for this Iraq tour," he said.

"He was a magnet for his peers, who were drawn by his infectious sense of fun and all-embracing nature."

In a statement, Kingsman Hancock's family said: "We are deeply shocked at the loss of our much-loved son.

"We are and always will be very proud of him and all that he achieved."

The MoD said there were no other casualties after the incident, which took place around 1200 local time at the Old State Building, a coalition forces base in central Basra City.

Defence Secretary Des Browne said he was "deeply saddened" by the death.

Mr Browne said: "His family, friends and comrades as ever have my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

"Our brave forces are striving to build a better future for the people of Iraq and this is a stark reminder to us all of the dangers they face there."

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