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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 October 2006, 13:42 GMT 14:42 UK
Blog project reveals daily lives
Blogging Britain in a day
Organisers hope the project will be useful for future generations
More than 30,000 people across Britain have recorded a diary of their day as part of a project to create an online snapshot of life in the country.

The National Trust said the entries - which range from the mundane to the extraordinary - have created "Britain's biggest blog".

The charity asked people to upload their account of what happened to them on 17 October 2006 - chosen because it was an ordinary day of no national significance.

People have until 31 October 2006 to record their entries on the History Matters website (link to the right).

Here are a selection of extracts from some of the entries.


Want to say something exciting happened, like I went F1 racing at Silverstone, but unfortunately I am just a mum and these things happen to other people not me!

Got up at 6.40 and let hubby out, then had a sit down to gather my thoughts before the munchkins get up.

We had breakfast and then rushed around getting "stuff" ready for school. Dropped elder two off, picked up a paper and then off to nursery with number three.

Came home cleaned bathrooms, dusted upstairs, tidied round and Hoovered. A quick chat with next door neighbour and picked up number three from nursery.

Home for lunch. Computer search in the afternoon and some exercise on my Swiss ball.

Collect elder two from school, then visit the park for half an hour. Home to sort out homework, make dinner and hear the kids read.

Middle one has to be dropped off and collected from Beavers. Then home again! For baths and bedtime stories.

Collapse in front of TV 'till hubby comes home, exchanged some chat about our respective days and so to bed...


Heyah, my name is Laura Sukacz . I am Polish but I live in England , right now I am in the classroom, I'm just having a science lesson and we are doing a topic on "inherited variation".

I'm nearly 14 years old. I moved to England about two years ago with my parents.

I didn't really have a choice to move as my parents thought that it will be a great opportunity for me to learn a new language.

Also the life here, in England, is easier as people earn more and can spend more time having fun.

When I first came to this school I was scared as I didn't know any English at all. I felt very welcome in this school by both teachers and pupils.

I was the first "Polish girl", now there is about 12 other people. I'm happy that they came, even now that some of them are much younger than me.

I go to Poland every summer holiday and I always have a great time. I do not miss Poland, I miss people I left there, especially my friend. I speak in English now, but I always will be a "Polish girl". I hate that name.

I know that I will never have as great fun with people here as I had in Poland, maybe it is because of a different sense of humour... well I don't know, but I know that I have a better future in England , so I won't go back.


This day was the one of the saddest days of my life. I spent this morning cleaning through my ex-husband's house in Ivybridge, South Devon.

We had separated 1998, then divorced 2002. He died suddenly aged 60 from excessive smoking and drinking and not taking care of himself.

My daughter has inherited his debts and house. His house is filthy and has already taken six weeks of sorting, cleaning, visits to the local tip to get the house looking like a home again.

He was a wonderful painter, watercolourist, and cartoonist, and yes I still love him. We are collecting up as many of his art works as we can find.

Maybe the family would like one to remember him by.

When you lose someone you truly care about the pain is tremendous. I had thought myself passed caring after all the problems we had in our 30 years together.

Future readers please never doubt the power of love. Why would I do this otherwise? I am crying again.

Silly things start me off. My daughter is now my light, and the one person I care about.


A day of reckoning for me. I'm in debt and behind with the rent. My phone will only receive incoming calls and my internet connection has been suspended.

Mobile phone cut off. Spent the last few weeks hiding in the house. Had panic attacks and felt suicidal. Scared to answer the phone or open the post.

Lied to friends and family to hide my shame. Have felt wretched. All of this is my own fault. I've been living in an unsustainable way.

Then, yesterday, a miracle! I received a call to say that I've been successful at a job interview and I should start in two to three weeks. My first proper job in years.

Woke this morning feeling far more positive even if I'm not yet completely sorted. Been out to the shops for the first time in days.

Wanted to phone my Dad to tell him but the minimum amount for a phone call is 40p and I just can't afford it. I've got 6.79 to last today and tomorrow.

Really not done much but in my world this is a good day!


Boarding school is not very good in the mornings. The sisters woke me up by saying a prayer and to be honest last night wasn't too great either.

I got shouted at by one of the sisters while I was in the shower for spilling water everywhere (which I didn't do).

Then this morning another sister made me clean up my whole room because my shoes were on the floor.

Then it was breakfast time so we all went down. Before we could eat breakfast we had to go to our school chapel to pray for a few minutes then it was finally breakfast time.

But, just my luck, there was no pain au chocolat left so I was left to eat a piece of bread which was slightly burnt.

Anyway I had to have a picture taken with my older sister today.

It was very amusing because the photographer thought I was older than my sister because I'm a weeny bit taller than her. She is three years older than me. I have to go now. Bye.

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