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Last Updated: Friday, 6 October 2006, 01:15 GMT 02:15 UK
In full: Death row man's PM letter
A Briton awaiting execution in Pakistan has written to Tony Blair asking for help.

The following is the full text of 36-year-old Tahir Mirza Hussain's handwritten letter, as published in the Times newspaper:

Almighty Allah is the most gracious and mercyfull.

Almighty Allah has described his beloved prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) in the Holly Quran as saying... (We have merely sent you as a mercy for everybody in the universe.)

Ramadan is the month of forgiveness, compassion and mercy. Muslims are expected to folow these teachings and forgive each other.

Therefore, I humbly beg the deceaseds family in the name of almighty Allah and his beloved prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) to come forward, show mercy and forgive me.

Moreover, I appeal to the president of Pakistan Pervez Musharaf to exercise his powers and comute my sentence.

I understand the President is visiting Britian. He will be meeting with priminister Tony Blair and leaders of muslim community in Britain.

I appeal to priminister Tony Blair to raise my case most emphatically with president Musharaf and press for my immediate release.

I hope President Musharaf will be obliged to do this and set me free.

I would like to thank all the Human-rights organizations, supporters, especially the people of Leeds who are working hard and campaigning for my release.

I request all to keep-up their support and prayers.

Thank you.


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