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Ethnic diversity 'not widespread'
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Most UK areas have relatively few ethnic minority residents
Fewer than one in 10 of English and Welsh local authorities is ethnically-diverse despite a growth in ethnic minorities, research suggests.

The study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is based on a new method of analysing 2001 census data.

Brent in north-west London was the most diverse with an 85% chance two people at random would be from different ethnic groups, researchers said.

Easington in north-east England was the least diverse with only a 2% chance.

There are approximately 4.6 million people of ethnic minority origin in the UK - about 8% of the total population.

49% of people in Broughton, Salford are Jewish
One-third of all Muslims live in the West Midlands
Less than 1% of Northern Ireland's 1.68m people are non-white

Research from the ONS published earlier this year showed the number of white Britons in England was falling while other ethnic groups were growing rapidly.

But the latest figures show only 28 out of 376 local authorities in England and Wales - or 7% - could be classed "highly ethnically-diverse" - defined as at least a 50% chance that two people in the area chosen at random would be from different ethnic groups.

Almost all these highly diverse areas were London boroughs while outside London, Slough in Berkshire had the highest ethnic diversity, researchers said.

Frizinghall in Bradford has the highest concentration of Pakistanis in England and Wales, making up 73% of the local population.

And more people in Princes Park in Liverpool - 11% - describe themselves at mixed race than anywhere else in the country.

There was an even smaller chance of finding areas with high religious diversity, the study said, with 11 local authorities areas meeting the criteria set by the ONS.

Of those 10 were London boroughs with Harrow emerging as the most religiously-diverse area in England and Wales, scoring 62% on the ONS scale. Outside London, Leicester scored highest for religious diversity.

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