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Last Updated: Sunday, 1 October 2006, 13:31 GMT 14:31 UK
New insults for English language
Two smokers
Will these people soon start "smirting"?
A new book suggests people are keen to coin new insults in the English language, such as "tanorexic" and "celebutard".

The new book, "I Smirt, You Stooze, They Krump" contains new key words and phrases to enter into popular usage.

A combination of tan and anorexic - "tanorexic" - describes someone obsessed with tanning machines.

The words have been taken from entries in the Collins Word Web, which monitors sources to pick up any new additions.

The Word Web lists genuine words and phrases that have entered the English language.

"Celebutard" - a blend of celebrity, debutante and retard - would be used to describe a celebrity noted for displays of stupidity.

Fancy a smirt?

Contracting man and boobs into "moobs" is the new way to describe a man with breasts, or at least untoned pecs.

"Smirt" apparently describes people who flirt while they smoke outside their office buildings or pubs.

To "krump" is to dance, sometimes wearing face paint, in a fast and aggressive style, mimicking a fight but remaining non-violent.

"Stooze" is a verb describing the practice of taking advantage of introductory interest free periods offered by credit card companies, to borrow money that is then invested elsewhere for profit.

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