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Last Updated: Monday, 25 September 2006, 05:19 GMT 06:19 UK
Papers await Gordon Brown speech
Newspapers (generic)

Gordon Brown's speech to the Labour Party conference has Britain's newspapers buzzing in anticipation.

His speech, the Sun declares, will be his chance to convince the Labour Party and the nation that he is the man to take over as prime minister.

The Mirror says voters want to know how he would improve hospitals and schools.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times describes the upcoming conference speech as the most important in Mr Brown's long political career.


The Times also says Mr Brown's speech will be the biggest of his life because it will play an important part in his bid to become the next prime minister.

For the Guardian, it is a speech that could determine the manner in which he becomes leader or whether that long planned for event happens at all.

Meanwhile, the Independent claims "ultra-Blairites" are lining up a challenge to Mr Brown.

A dream ticket of John Reid and Alan Johnson could run, it says.

Terror plot

The Times is serialising the autobiography of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

It contains details of an alleged plot to attack Heathrow Airport using various Eastern European airlines.

Meanwhile, the Mirror and the Sun both lead with the fatal attack on a five-month-old baby in Leicester by two guard dog Rottweilers.

The Daily Mail reports that dogs can see children as prey or as a threat to a favourite toy or territory.

'Famous victory'

The Independent has a despatch from Diyala province in north-east Iraq, which its front page headline describes as the world's most dangerous place.

Its correspondent, Patrick Cockburn, writes that Sunni insurgents have largely taken control of the province.

Elsewhere, Europe's third successive Ryder Cup triumph is described as a "famous victory" in the Guardian.

Most attention goes to Darren Clarke, whom the Daily Telegraph says was at the heart of emotional celebrations.

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