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Last Updated: Monday, 4 September 2006, 01:23 GMT 02:23 UK
Britain 'worse than 20 years ago'
ICM Poll survey questioned 1,006 adults
The threat of terrorism is one reason why Britain is a worse place to live now compared with 20 years ago, a BBC poll suggests.

Nearly half (47%) of those questioned thought quality of life in Britain had declined, with 47% blaming a "lack of respect" and 46% citing crime.

The study of 1,006 adults was conducted for BBC One's Six O'Clock News.

The results of the ICM poll will feature in a series of special reports called the Changing Face of Britain.

Ben Rich, deputy editor of the BBC's One and Six O'Clock News, said: "Many changes in the way we live creep up on us and do not get widely reported day to day.

ICM Poll survey questioned 1,006 adults

"These reports will try to capture some of those."

According to the poll, 27% of those questioned think that Britain is neither better nor worse than 20 years ago.

But they also said the cost of living and immigration had had an impact on British life.

However, terrorism was cited as the main challenge facing the country by the 24% of adults who think it is now a better place to live.

The series will feature reports from BBC correspondents in a number of locations around the country including Christchurch in Dorset, Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham and the Yorkshire Dales.

They will focus on the increasing numbers of elderly people staying in the workforce; the effect of European immigration on existing ethnic minority communities; city dwellers moving out to rural areas and the ambitions of young people in old industrial areas.

ICM Poll survey questioned 1,006 adults

Hate crime and differences in legislation between parts of Britain will also be scrutinised. Mark Burey, a BBC spokesman, said: "One report will look at Britain's ageing population - the oldest population in the UK is in Christchurch, Dorset.

"In Birmingham we will look at immigration and the Asian communities' response to the influx of Eastern Europeans following the enlargement of the EU.

"It is a snapshot of how things are changing in Britain detailing the subtle changes, along with the obvious ones."



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