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Last Updated: Thursday, 31 August 2006, 20:17 GMT 21:17 UK
Raid ends Tel Aviv embassy siege
Nadim Injaz in the British embassy in Tel Aviv
Mr Injaz wanted asylum in the UK
Israeli police commandos have entered a British embassy compound in Tel Aviv to capture a man who broke in and demanded asylum in the UK.

Nadim Injaz, 28, from Ramallah in the West Bank, had threatened to kill himself on live television if he did not get asylum.

Mr Injaz is a Palestinian and is reported to have been an informant.

He was chased down an alleyway by officers, held and taken off the compound, the BBC's Paul Adams said.

Our correspondent said there were no shots fired and no injuries. He said it was believed food given to Mr Injaz may have contained a sedative to slow down his reactions.

Someone should come and help me. No one wants to help me
Nadim Injaz

Mr Injaz was reported to have been armed with a pistol, but this was later found to have been a toy gun, police told Israel's Channel 10 TV, news agency Reuters reported.

The man, who entered the compound several hours earlier, had reportedly told another Israeli broadcaster, Channel 2: "Someone should come and help me. No one wants to help me."

Mr Injaz is said to have feared he may have been killed by Palestinian militants, and that Israeli authorities refused to help him.

It is thought he scaled a fence to enter the compound.

The UK Foreign Office said the Israeli police took action after British authorities asked for help dealing with the situation.

Embassy spokeswoman Karen Kaufman said: "As far as the embassy is concerned, the event is over."

BBC Jerusalem correspondent Nick Thorpe says the British embassy is a secure modern building near the seafront in Tel Aviv, with a high metal fence and security barriers.

Visitors to the embassy are normally screened by guards at the gate.

The end of the embassy stand-off

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