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Turkey blasts: Eyewitness accounts
Emergency services arrived at the scene
The blasts took place in a busy tourist area
Britons in the Turkish resort of Marmaris have been describing scenes of confusion and panic after a series of explosions hit the area.

George Kirby, who has been living in the resort for the past two years, was walking to his friend's house when two bombs placed in rubbish bins exploded.

He said the area where the blasts had happened was one tourists had to walk through to reach the resort nightclubs.

"I saw a Turkish man put some rubbish in the bins and it blew up in his face.

"I was completely speechless and just ran across the other side of the road, but as I did another bomb blew up in another bin.

"Within 10 minutes all the roads were blocked off and the police didn't allow cars or buses into the area."

The 18-year-old, originally from Bow in east London, is now considering whether to stay in Turkey.

Minibus blast

One of the explosions was reported to have been on a minibus near to a McDonald's fast food restaurant in a central part of the town.

Holidaymaker Rob Laughton, 41, from London, was having dinner at a nearby restaurant with his wife and friends when they heard a huge explosion.

"We were just sat there and heard this almighty explosion... we saw the bus and bodies lying on the ground.

"We thought, we just don't want to be here. We just ran away," he said.

I heard the explosions - they were very loud, extremely loud
Michael Grant

Briton Michael Grant, 39, who has been living in Marmaris for the past two and a half years, described what he and his housemate Debra Lewis could see from the terrace of their home.

"I heard the explosions. They were very loud, extremely loud.

"We could see people running from the area and police and ambulance crews."

Jill Thornton, of Consett, County Durham, received a phone call from her son Daniel, who is on holiday in the resort with his girlfriend, shortly after the blasts.

Mrs Thornton told BBC Radio Five Live: "He has seen one of the buses which has blown up, but he had heard that there were three [explosions] altogether.

"He is only 19 and his girlfriend is only 17. I am panicking. His girlfriend was very upset. Her parents are out there too."

'A lot of panic'

Melanie Boyd, from Northern Ireland, was in a taxi heading into the town centre when she heard the explosions.

She told the BBC there were confusing scenes when she arrived in an area where one explosion had apparently gone off.

"I've now found out there've been three explosions and one supposedly has happened in a bar in the street where we are right now.

"There's not very many people about but there's lots of police, lots of ambulance, fire brigade - a lot of panic," she said.

An ambulance attends to the injured in Marmaris

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