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Diverted plane lands in Chicago
AA flight at Bangor
The aircraft was searched when it landed in Maine
A flight from the UK to the US which was diverted because of a security alert, has arrived in Chicago.

American Airlines flight 55 was flying from Manchester when it was diverted to Bangor, Maine, at 1257 local time (1800 BST) on Friday.

Passengers said one man was handcuffed and taken away by police shortly after landing in Maine.

American Airlines said the flight later continued its journey and arrived in Chicago at 2326 local time (0526 BST).

'No-fly' list

Airline spokesman Billy Sanez told the Press Association all but one of the 167 passengers and 12 crew members reboarded the plane in Maine.

Asked if the passenger had been detained by police, he said: "It is up to the authorities to comment on his status."

He added: "We have tried to take care of things as quickly and as comfortably as possible for the passengers while co-operating fully with the authorities."

Passenger Tom Roseberry, from Seattle, said: "When I got off the plane, the third guy in front of me was handcuffed and taken into the back of a police car."

Sniffer dogs

The Boeing 767-300 left Manchester at 1043 BST on Friday, but the pilot took the decision to land the plane in Maine after learning of a reported threat to the aircraft while it was en route.

Tony Dudfield, from Manchester, who was on board the flight, said they were initially told they were being diverted because a crew member was ill.

He said they were escorted into Maine by fighter jets.

"We saw three planes approaching to the side of us... my wife thought it was rather strange and consequently one of them was obviously escorting us on the left hand side."

The US Transportation Security Administration said the passengers were taken off the plane to allow sniffer dogs to check the aircraft, before continuing to their destination.

Rebecca Hupp, the director of Bangor airport, refused to comment on the cause of the diversion, but added no other flights flying to or from the airport had been disrupted as a result.

The FBI refused to release any further information.

The uncovering of an alleged plot to bring down planes more than two weeks ago has seen an increase in security at airports.

The incident was the third time a flight from the UK had been diverted since then.

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The plane grounded on the tarmac in the US

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