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Brits Abroad: Who, where and why
Ex-pats in Florida - Roy and Myra Pryce and Geoffrey Parker
Ex-pats in Florida: Roy and Myra Pryce and Geoffrey Parker

More and more Britons are moving abroad - but who are they, where are they and why do they go?

The BBC is involved in a project to try and find answers to these questions and put a figure on how many British citizens have swapped the UK for another country - and it's a project that needs your help.

At the moment, we know that more and more people say they hope to emigrate in the near future - with a quarter of young people saying they are keen to go.

And official estimates for how many Britons live in other countries range from 4.5m to a whopping 14m people.

Throughout 2006, experts at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), a think tank, are gathering data on where Britons can be found around the world.

At the same time, the BBC wants to hear your stories of living abroad and why you went.

We're asking people to take part in our research in a number of different ways.


We'd like to hear about why you left Britain - whatever that reason is - and what keeps you away. We want to hear from people who consider themselves to have left, rather than people with holiday homes.

We'd like to hear stories about people who have left permanently - perhaps you left decades ago - but also stories of people who have chosen temporarily to live and work abroad for a few years and hope to return or move elsewhere.

We're also particularly interested in people who may have recently taken the plunge. If you are in an interesting part of the world where there are not many Brits - let us know.


We'd also like to see your pictures of what it's like to be a Brit abroad. You can send pictures to us in a number of different ways and help form an online community.


For more background on the issue, you can go to the following stories, including the BBC's survey of intentions on emigration.

The results of our survey:

What we know - and what we don't:

Why the growing communities of Britons in Florida don't always find the living easy:

When you set up a shop selling goods to expats what do they want to buy?

You can also check out the IPPR's project blog (see internet links on the right) on what they are finding out about emigration as part of their research. The BBC is not responsible for the content on this external website.

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