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Top tips on beating the bulge
Jon Coleman
Jono Coleman lost five-and-a-half stone during Celebrity Fit Club
As the government encourages us to do more exercise in a bid to keep adult obesity in check, what can be done to motivate us to lose the flab?

Caroline Flint, the public health minister, wants us to build physical activity into our lives.

Jono Coleman, presenter at BBC London 94.9FM, thinks exercise helps and the best incentive is to focus on the consequences if you don't start making changes.

He lost nearly six stone, going from 22-and-a-half to 17 stone, while taking part in the ITV show Celebrity Fit Club.

I've got a gym up the road and I'm always thinking of reasons not to go
Jono Coleman

He said: "I started off as a chubby kid, but unfortunately grew into a fat adult.

"What really brought it home to me was when I started focusing on how it was affecting my health, especially as I am a father of two young kids and my dad died of a heart attack.

"We're all waiting for that miracle diet or the magic pill that will make us thin.

"But if you're lying on the hospital bed, you then realise you need to start doing something now.

"Take the stairs instead of using the lift, instead of slumping in front of the telly after work, go to the park with the kids."

I was a lethargic, TV watching, boozer and now I go running 4 times a week - I've never felt so good
Sarah B

But he admits that it is not always easy.

"Obviously there's a temptation to always go for eggs and bacon, or put off doing exercise.

"I've got a gym up the road and I'm always thinking of reasons not to go.

"But you've got to remember not to listen to those inner voices telling you to give yourself a break.

"Making fattening foods, like chocolates and biscuits, more expensive would help, but ultimately it comes down to good, old-fashioned will power.

"I lost a lot of weight during Fit Club by not drinking alcohol for six months.

"The trouble is once you start drinking, you also want crisps or nuts to go with your pint."

Another way

And if self-motivation is proving a problem, he offers an unusual alternative.

"We've all heard of breathalysers, so now we should have 'flabalysers'.

"Every pub and chip shop should have a set of scales and before you're allowed to order a drink or buy some chips, you have to get on the scales.

"If you weigh too much, then you shouldn't be able to make your order.

"It's a bit like when you're at the pub and they refuse to serve you when you've had too much drink.

"That'll get people exercising."

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