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Queen's birthday cards exhibited
Some of the Queen's 80th birthday cards
The Queen received thousands of handmade cards from the public
Some of the thousands of cards the Queen received from the UK public for her 80th birthday have gone on display.

The monarch received more than 50,000 cards for her birthday in April and around 300 can be seen at the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

Images of Corgis, the Queen's favourite breed of dog, crowns and flowers were on many of the cards.

Many well-wishers sent handmade cards, including five-year-olds and a woman who wrote her age as 82 and six months.

Some cards were sent from whole villages, women's institutes, schools, as well as bell ringers, Scout and Girl Guide groups.

The vast range of material was used to decorate the cards, including cotton wool, tinsel and embroidery.

One of the Queen's birthday cards
Corgis were a popular image on the cards

People sent personal messages, such as one girl who decorated her card with brown and white feathers and wrote "Hope you like the card".

Another signed simply Susan H said: "Thank you for being the best Queen in the world."

The monarch's birthday has been marked by numerous public events, including a service at St Paul's Cathedral, a children's party and an exhibition of the Queen's dresses.

Private celebrations have included a family dinner at Windsor and a birthday cruise around Scotland's Western Isles.


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