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Genevieve Ataro, 17
Genevieve Ataro

For Genevieve, connecting people and helping them interact is the most
important part of being a journalist.

She would like to see more BBC magazine programmes for teenagers.


My favourite story this week was the one about the A-level results. As I received mine this week I was interested to see what the news and media would say.

I liked the way the BBC News website got accounts from three different students on their results. They described what they felt after receiving their results. I also liked the students' discussion about A-levels.

What was good about it is that it gives the audience a chance to have their say on what they thought about the government's comments on students' improving grades.

The way the BBC website is set out is good because we get links on the side of the page to relating stories. I also liked stories about the oldest and youngest people to pass their A-levels.

The reason I liked reading it online was because there was more of a range of stories other than the government's 'moan' about the tests being too easy. We can get to choose what stories we wanted to read.


By watching Newsround I see they try to focus major stories on children in a way they can relate to them. The 10 o'clock news is made for older people and adults, it contains much more information than Newsround.

Both lead stories on 9th August were about the Damilola Taylor verdict, but there was a big difference in the way they were reported. Children need the basis of a story and Newsround pick out the most important facts and present it to the viewers in the way they need and want it to be heard. They use simple language making it more understandable and explain facts they think children would not know. The 10 o'clock news uses harder diction as it will be mainly adults who will be watching it.

Newsround has more graphics and colorful pictures which appeal to children. Both Newsround and the 10 o'clock news had a light hearted ending after several reports about serious matters. The 10 o'clock news ended on information about podcasts that you can get on their website and Newsround ended with activities going on in the science museum over the summer.

Looking at both programmes, there is not a great difference in stories they present but there is a great difference in the audience they are presenting to. I think BBC does a great job with Newsround because it gets children watching and understanding the news.

The regular BBC news bulletins do not have much entertainment news. I would actually like to see a little section on entertainment maybe once a week.

On a final note I would like to praise the BBC for successfully appealing to their target audience.


The presenters in Lebanon and Israel were really good this week interacting with the civilians of these countries and it informed viewers about what problems and tragedies they have had to face so far.

I also liked the promising story of peace talks in New York and leaders trying to call for a ceasefire.

I liked the way that the Tommy Sheridan story was covered because the story is very light hearted and it made room for many 'jokes' to be made about it.

The BBC made it very formal, serious and informative.

I liked the report on the update of the South African World Cup. How the building works are going and what plans the country has for policing and the stadiums.

The 2010 World Cup hosts have not been heard much in the news and it was a nice change for the public to find out about it.


I've been following with interest the news coverage of the events in the Middle East. I thought that it was very detailed in the way the reporters presented it from all the different regions in the two countries.

The coverage of the story was really good and the information on all of the recent explosions and stories emerging. Some of the images of the explosions were not very good.

I know that there has to be some safety rule, but as I was watching the news go out from gallery, I saw that some of the images on other channels were better.

I think that there should have been more attention to Uganda and the situation with the peace talks with southern Sudan.

I also felt I wanted to know more about the background of the artist whose art work caught on fire.

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