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Brit abroad? Share your photos and videos
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Send us your short video clips and pictures to:
Email: yourpics@bbc.co.uk
MMS: 07725 100 100
3G: 07888 100 100
Flickr!: See below

We want to tell the stories of the hundreds of thousands of Britons who have set up new lives around the world - why not take part by sharing your pictures and video?

You can share any images that sum up what being a Brit abroad means to you.

Feel free to use your imagination or send us a picture or video you've already taken that has special meaning, although we'd prefer to see the quirky and unusual rather than a standard holiday snap or family portrait.

You can use one of the methods outlined in the box on the right to send us your photos and videos and the best will be published on the BBC News website.

Submissions must be in digital form; ideally jpegs set to 800 pixels in the longest dimension - we will reject e-mails above 10 megabytes!

The subject heading of your e-mail should be "Brit abroad".

Photo-sharing website

Alternatively, you can participate in a trial link-up between the BBC and a photo-sharing website.

To do this, go to the BBC News' Brits Abroad group on Flickr!.

You will need to register with the website, but anyone registered can become a member of the group without invitation and submit pictures to the group's picture pool.

Detailed instructions are available on the site.

The small print

Pictures and videos submitted directly to the BBC will be subject to the BBC's terms of use, under section nine of which the BBC is granted a non-exclusive licence to publish and use photographs and video for non-commercial purposes. Copyright will however remain with the photographer.

Pictures submitted to the BBC's Brits Abroad group on Flickr! are subject to the site's own terms of use. By submitting a picture to our group, you are allowing us to showcase and link to it on bbc.co.uk but the copyright will remain with you.

The BBC cannot guarantee that all pictures submitted to us will be used and we reserve the right to edit your comments, but any pictures or video used on the BBC News website will be attributed.

Flickr! is based in the United States, and it should be noted that pictures submitted to it are stored on servers outside the European Union.

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