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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 July 2006, 05:30 GMT 06:30 UK
Lebanon exodus dominates papers
UK papers

The evacuation of thousands of people from across the world from Lebanon dominates Britain's newspapers.

In the Sun, the headline 'Exodus' adorns its front page story about the escape of thousands of foreign citizens from the fighting in the region.

The Times itemises the nationalities of the tens of thousands who now wish to be rescued as violence escalates.

Meanwhile the Independent talks of "the biggest evacuation of recent times" in its coverage of the crisis.

The Daily Star wants to know why countries, including France, seem to have begun the task of evacuating its nationals more quickly than the UK.


Expanding on this theme, the Daily Telegraph thinks the government has been guilty of wasting time.

It says the government remains adept at "grabbing the headlines" but adds that it is also an "incompetent manager".

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror suggests that the Middle East conflict "will get worse before it gets better".

The Daily Mail pictures a woman whose flip-flops stuck in melted road-tar at Plymouth as a heatwave grips the UK.

However, the Daily Express warns people who are overweight or have heart conditions to take care in the heat.

The Times also reports on the heatwave, noting that gritting lorries were sent out in Cumbria to sprinkle crushed rock on the baking hot tarmac.

However, the Sun reports on how it rained on the deserted beaches of the Costa del Sol while Britain bakes.

Great engineer

The Mail is also puzzled by a statue put up to honour the great engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

The sculpture, at the university that bears his name, shows Brunel with his hands in his pockets but without one of the cigars he constantly smoked.

Meanwhile the Telegraph reports on Bob Watton who fought and lost a sea bass off the Dorset coast.

Three days later, he went back to the same spot and reeled in the same fish, successfully this time.

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