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St Petersburg views: Anna-Christin Albers
St Petersburg residents originating from each of the G8 nations assess Russia's role as the city prepares to host the G8 summit.

Anna-Christin Albers
Name: Anna-Christin Albers
Job: Dacha night club owner
G8 country of origin: Germany
If I had a choice in which G8 country to open a bar, I would still choose Russia. First of all because of the people, but also because of the city. It would definitely be St Petersburg, not any other place in Russia.

Russians and foreigners have very different drinking habits.

Foreigners think they are obliged to drink vodka in Russia, so they come and down loads of vodka in no time, fall under the table and leave at 3am - whereas Russians stay till 6am and then head to after-parties.

Unlike Germans, Russians are very open people. They love to meet others and communicate, they are not inhibited. They are not as scared of new people as Germans are.

Life in Russia is quite different from life in Germany. It is classic things like cleanliness, order and the ethics of bureaucrats.

The local authorities never fail to surprise me - everything takes a lot of time or it is often done in some incomprehensible manner.

In Germany, bureaucratic offices are not very happy places either, but at least you know what to expect.

Speaking about Russia's place in G8, I don't want to repeat cliches, but I'd say there is development, the country is vast and with many resources.

Politicians are doing their best... so one simply can't ignore Russia now. It is not 1970s and 1980s when we were enemies. Now we want to work together in politics and economy.


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