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Wedding for Iraq romance soldiers
Natalie Savage holding photo of her with James Day
Gunner Savage was kicked as she lay paralysed
A soldier who escaped death while serving in Iraq is to marry the Army colleague who rescued her.

Gunner Natalie Savage, 20, of Teesside, and Lance Bombardier James Day, 22, from Manchester had only spoken briefly before the incident in Basra.

The encounter - Day snatched her from a baying mob in 2003 - led to a romance which will see them wed at 26 Regiment, Royal Artillery barracks in Germany.

But it will be regular duty until they honeymoon in Spain at the end of July.

The couple have a daughter, eight-month-old Page, and Gunner Savage is four months pregnant with a second child.

It is a dream for them both and everyone is so happy for them
Gunner Savage's mother Anne

Gunner Savage broke bones in her back when she was thrown from an army Land Rover after it hit a pothole while driving through a danger zone.

While paralysed from the waist down she was attacked by a gang of Iraqi men, but then rescued by Lance Bombardier Day, who had been driving the Land Rover.

Doctors said Gunner Savage might not walk again but she regained full use of her legs within weeks.

When she was transferred to a hospital in Birmingham, James flew back and told Natalie he loved her.

'Really sorry'

Gunner Savage's mother Anne said it would be a "fairytale wedding".

"It is a dream for them both and everyone is so happy for them."

Speaking at the time the relationship began Gunner Savage said after she had been thrown from the vehicle her attackers were kicking her as she lay on the ground.

"James came running out and took my helmet off and as soon as the men realised I was a woman they stopped attacking me and started to help.

"James was crying his eyes out. He thought he'd killed me, he was saying he was really sorry - but I told him I was all right.

"It's not the way you would expect to meet your future husband."

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