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Tuesday, January 27, 1998 Published at 18:06 GMT


Deranged killer admits Yorkshire Ripper blinding
image: [ Broadmoor secure mental hospital in Berkshire holds some of Britain's most dangerous men ]
Broadmoor secure mental hospital in Berkshire holds some of Britain's most dangerous men

A deranged killer has admitted attempting to murder the Yorkshire Ripper by stabbing him in the eye with a pen.

Ian Kay, 30, was ordered to be detained in a secure mental hospital without time limit on Tuesday after he admitted attacking Peter Sutcliffe at Broadmoor hospital in Berkshire in March last year.

Reading Crown Court was told that Kay, who was serving a life sentence for stabbing to death a Woolworth's shop assistant, pinned the 47-year-old serial killer to the floor of his room after asking to borrow an envelope.

Kay stabbed Sutcliffe ten times in both eyes with a Parker Rollerball pen, blinding him in one eye and severely damaging the other.

[ image: Peter Sutcliffe has now lost the sight in his left eye]
Peter Sutcliffe has now lost the sight in his left eye
Kay was sentenced to life for killing 21-year-old John Penfold in Teddington, Middlesex, in 1994 but had been transferred to Broadmoor after showing signs of mental illness.

Loud music hid attack

Paul Reid, prosecuting, said Kay asked another patient to put on some loud music before he launched his 15-minute attack.

Mr Reid said the pair attended the same art therapy classes but there was no history of hostility.

He said: "The defendant struck Sutcliffe five or six times deep into the left eye and three or four times in the right eye.

"He only stopped when Sutcliffe managed to grab hold of the pen and push it away from him."

Mr Reid said Kay had also brought a length of electrical flex with him but decided against using it and left the room before staff arrived.

Blood on his hands

They found Sutcliffe leaning over a sink in his room screaming: "I can't see. I think I'm blind."

[ image: Ian Kay was described as having a
Ian Kay was described as having a "deeply disturbed mind"
Kay, who was spotted shortly afterwards with blood on his face and hands, told a doctor he had thought about killing the Ripper for some time.

Kay told him: "He said God told him to kill 13 women and I say the Devil told me to kill him because of that."

Sutcliffe was taken to Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey for treatment by an eye specialist, who was unable to save the sight in his left eye.

Mr Reid said: "Even now he has restricted movement still in his right eye and his sight is very considerably diminished."

Due to move out of ward

The court was told Kay brought his plans for the attack forward because he was due to move wards.

Bill Clegg QC, for the defence, said Kay's personality was "the product of a deeply disturbed mind. He is an extremely dangerous man, and that danger presents an obvious risk to the public".

Sutcliffe, a former lorry driver from Bradford, was jailed for life in 1981 for murdering 13 women -- mostly prostitutes working in the red light districts of Bradford, Leeds and Manchester -- and trying to kill seven others.

The judge recommended that Sutcliffe, who used hammers and knives to mutilate his victims, serve at least 30 years.

He was moved to Broadmoor in 1983 after a fellow inmate at Parkhurst jail on the Isle of Wight slashed him with a broken coffee jar.

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