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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 June 2006, 05:00 GMT 06:00 UK
Media scrutiny for Rooney's foot
Mastheads of the national newspapers
The World Cup - and Wayne Rooney's chances of playing in it - dominate Wednesday's papers.

The Daily Mirror looks forward to tests on the striker's foot, saying: "Cometh the hour, cometh... the scan."

For the Guardian, it is Rooney's "X-Ray D-Day", while the Daily Star tells how he never flinched during training.

The Times agrees he does not look like a man braced for a crushing diagnosis.

The Daily Telegraph, though, points out he is at best two weeks from fitness.

'Surreal spectacle'

The papers are confused by conflicting attitudes towards civil servants from the leaders of the two main parties.

The Daily Mail describes as a "surreal spectacle" Tony Blair talking tough as David Cameron praises state employees.

The Independent, on the other hand, says the contrasting views make for interesting times.

David Cameron is so busy repositioning the Conservative Party, says the Times, it is surprising that he knows where he is at any time.

'War heroes'

Most of Wednesday's papers devote their front pages to the acquittal of three British soldiers who had been accused of killing an Iraqi teenager.

The Times says the outcome of the court martial has raised doubts about the policy of prosecuting British troops for alleged misconduct in Iraq.

The Daily Express says Army chiefs stand accused of hanging what it calls Gulf War heroes out to dry.

While the Telegraph suggests the hearing was a "show trial".

'Finger lickin' farce'

The tabloids are outraged at the story of a suspected car thief who was delivered a bucket of fried chicken while on a roof-top protest.

The Express accuses police of being too anxious not to breach his human rights, labelling it a "finger-lickin' farce".

The Sun takes a similar tone with the headline "Finger Nickin' Good".

Neighbours are quoted in the Mail as saying "it's disgraceful" and asking "shouldn't they be starving him out?".

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