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Saturday, January 24, 1998 Published at 23:22 GMT


Bomb blast in Enniskillen club

A bomb has exploded at a nightclub in Enniskillen in Northern Ireland, and the security forces are dealing with several other incidents throughout Belfast.

The explosion happened at the River Club in Factory Road on the edge of Enniskillen town centre just after 21.30 GMT, no-one was injured as the area had been evacuated after a warning.

Police said they had received a warning two hours earlier, though no codeword was received, and no organisation was mentioned.

At the same time, the RUC said the body of a man had been found on a country road on the edge of west Belfast.

A spokesman said the cause of death had not been established. However, there are reports the man, said to be a taxi driver, had been shot in the back of the head, and dumped at the scene.

Police said they could not connect the discovery of the body with unconfirmed reports of shots being fired a short distance away in the Glen Road area some time before.

In Belfast, Army bomb disposal experts sealed off two areas after receiving a bomb alert at around 7.30pm (GMT).

The nightclub explosion, which is not thought to have been a controlled blast, came two hours after the warning, and the area had been evacuated.

A police spokesman said the blast was inside the evacuated area while Army bomb disposal experts were at the scene.

The body was discovered on a road at Hannastown Hill, on the edge of west Belfast.

Army bomb disposal experts were examining a vehicle at Botanic Avenue in the heart of Belfast's golden mile nightspot area. The area was sealed off and people moved out.

They were also dealing with another bomb alert at the Stormont Hotel on the edge of east Belfast.

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