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In full: Mildinhall family statement
Lieutenant Tom Mildinhall was killed by a roadside bomb while on routine patrol in Basra, southern Iraq. In a statement, his family described the 26-year-old from south London as "beautiful and talented".

This is an ordeal I would not wish any mother and father to endure.

For those parents who have lost sons and daughters in this way, we are now with them.

For those who will have to go through this in the future; we are here.

Lt Tom Mildinhall
Lt Tom Mildinhall attended Durham University

We share the pain of the soldiers and the families of the others injured and killed in this incident.

We have lost a beautiful, talented and loving son for ever. Our world is in pieces and our country has again lost one of its best.

Our hope is that in time our family may reassemble those pieces into some form of normality.

Tom achieved an immense amount in his life. He rowed at school and at Durham University and skied with us from an early age.

He talked proudly of his regiment and enjoyed the camaraderie of his fellow soldiers.

We are very grateful for the support of our friends, Tom's friends and colleagues from school and university and also for the outstanding help we are receiving from the Army.

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