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Last Updated: Sunday, 21 May 2006, 00:00 GMT 01:00 UK
Lottery results: Are you a winner?
Lottery balls
Was the draw lucky for you?
One ticket holder won the 17.6m jackpot in Saturday's Lotto draw, operator Camelot has said.

And 11 tickets matched five numbers plus the bonus ball to each win 154,026, while 611 scooped 1,733 each by matching five balls.

The winning numbers in the main Lotto draw were 6, 16, 17, 22, 24, 45 and the bonus number was 48.

The set of balls used was 3 and the machine was Moonstone. Wednesday's estimated jackpot is 2.6m.

No ticket holders won the Lotto Extra jackpot, in which the numbers were 8, 20, 30 31, 39, 44. Set of balls 3 and draw machine Topaz were used.

The jackpot on Wednesday is an estimated 6.3m.

And there were no winners in Thunderball, where the top prize was 250,000 for matching five balls and the Thunderball.

The numbers drawn were 5, 11, 21, 32, 33. The Thunderball was 13.

Thirteen tickets won 5,000 after matching five numbers.

No tickets won the top prize of 130,000 in Lotto Hotpicks for matching five numbers.

However, 19 winners won 7,000 each for matching four numbers and 1,105 tickets scooped 450 for matching three numbers.

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