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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 May 2006, 06:09 GMT 07:09 UK
McCartney split takes up headlines
Mastheads of the national newspapers
The split between Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather is given extensive coverage in Thursday's papers.

It leads the Daily Mirror and the Sun, with the Mirror giving "sensational" details of the separation, as well as considering the divorce settlement.

The Daily Mail plumps for 200m, calculating this would be 1m for every week of marriage.

According to the Times, the figure may well depend on a House of Lords ruling in a divorce case next week.

'Systematic failure'

The government's inability to say how many illegal immigrants are in the UK is fodder for a number of commentators.

The Daily Telegraph says the reality is that things are worse than under the Tories - because the numbers involved are so much higher than 10 years ago.

Richard Ford, in the Times, says the Home Office has lost control of borders and the immigration system.

The Guardian's Michael White says voters are cross at what appears to be systematic failure.

Prescott ordeal

It must have been hard to face the Commons, writes Simon Hoggart in his parliamentary sketch in the Guardian.

And so it was, judging by reports of John Prescott's first appearance at the despatch box since his affair with his secretary was revealed.

According to the Daily Express, he faced howls of derision.

The Sun says he ended his 30 minutes of torture a deflated, demeaned and defeated shadow of his former bullying self.

'Bitter defeat'

The back pages and sports supplements reflect the bitter disappointment of Arsenal after its defeat in the last 15 minutes of the Champions League final.

The London team came close to an unimaginable victory, the Guardian says, and left with an unforgettable defeat.

For the Express, it was "so brave, so close".

But the Mail sums up the Wednesday night's event in Paris in just one word: "Heartbreak".

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