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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 May 2006, 06:19 GMT 07:19 UK
Papers ponder Blair's nuclear plans
Mastheads of the national newspapers
"Blair presses the nuclear button," says the Guardian, referring to the prime minister's comments on nuclear fuel made at a business dinner in London.

The construction of new power plants could begin within 10 years, predicts the Times.

The Daily Telegraph says Tony Blair's support for nuclear power will prove to be one of his most controversial decisions in office.

For the Daily Express, it is a decision he should have taken a long time ago.

'Hopelessly inadequate'

The admission by a civil servant that he has not the "faintest idea" how many people have entered the UK illegally infuriates the Daily Telegraph.

It brands the Home Office "truly and systematically incompetent".

The Daily Mail takes up the theme, describing the asylum system as "hopelessly inadequate".

The Daily Express can barely articulate its anger. The hunt for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants "has been abandoned", it says.

NHS refund

There is debate on the implications of a European Court ruling that a woman who paid for treatment abroad should be refunded by the NHS.

The Guardian welcomes the "measured, humane and sensible" court ruling.

The Daily Mail also supports the decision. "For once, EU rules appear to favour the ordinary individual," it argues.

But the Times believes the ruling is unclear and vague and will favour lawyers, rather than patients.

'Prince of Hearts'

There are warm words in the papers for Prince William from a football fan who met him in tragic circumstances at last Saturday's FA Cup final.

Gary Luckhurst, a West Ham fan, was consoled by the prince after his father died of a heart attack during the game.

He tells the Telegraph that the second-in-line to the throne spent 10 minutes comforting him after the game.

The Sun compares Prince William to his late mother, praising him for his "instinctive compassion".

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