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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 May 2006, 04:53 GMT 05:53 UK
Papers dwell on foreign criminals
Mastheads of the national newspapers
The storm surrounding the failure to deport foreign criminals continues unabated in Thursday's papers.

The Times focuses on the dozens of serious offenders still missing, as does the Daily Express, which accuses Charles Clarke of bungling.

The Independent says Mr Clarke saved his ministerial skin with more tough talk, more intolerance and the promise of more illiberal legislation.

The Guardian says the measures he announced failed to calm the storm.

The Sun poses many questions about immigration and human rights, and asks: "Most damningly of all, why hasn't Charles Clarke been sacked?"

Hindu band

There is much interest in a red band the prime minister was seen sporting on his right wrist in the Commons.

The Times says he confronted MPs with the help of some Indian mysticism.

According to the Daily Express, the band, a gift from a Hindu temple, signifies attachment to the mother goddess Shakti, symbolising strength.

The Daily Mail says up to 10m people will have to review their wills under new tax rules for families who set aside money for children in trusts.

This is ten times the number predicted by the Treasury, the paper says.

Email etiquette

The Times has been investigating the etiquette of sending emails and offers readers two pages of advice.

It says if you accidentally send a message slagging someone off to the person you're talking about, don't apologise - just ignore it.

The ban on the use of mobile phones in hospitals is to be eased, says the Daily Mirror.

Senior health sources said ministers want day-rooms, corridors and booths set up where people can use mobiles.

The Sun reports that 63-year-old doctor Patricia Rashbrook is to become Britain's oldest mum, after going to Rome for IVF treatment.

Her 61-year-old husband tells the paper they're both very happy, but admits: "it's a daunting prospect at our age."

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