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Last Updated: Saturday, 15 April 2006, 05:21 GMT 06:21 UK
Easter ceremonies make the news
Mastheads of the national newspapers
Easter ceremonies across the world feature heavily in Saturday's newspapers as the Christian world marks one of its holiest weeks of the year.

The Sun pictures one of 11 men nailed to crucifixion crosses in the Philippine capital, Manila.

The Times says British writer Dominik Diamond, who was planning to join them in a quest to rediscover his faith, backed out in tears.

There is discussion of the Manchester Passion play in the Guardian.

Climate warning

A day after pensioners were given 80p worth of coins by the Queen, pouches of the money were being sold on auction site eBay, the Daily Telegraph says.

The Maundy Money pouches were being offered for as much as 100.

The Independent looks at the warning from Britain's chief scientists that 400 million people will be at risk by a 3 degree rise in Earth's temperature.

The Daily Telegraph also highlights dangers the planet could face, with a picture of a walrus under an ice floe.

Rumsfeld criticism

The crumpled face of US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld appears on the front page of the Financial Times.

It describes a "growing chorus of criticism from retired generals" over his handling of the situation in Iraq - an "insurgency" the paper calls it.

The Daily Mail claims Britain's phone numbers may have to change again - this time to placate EU chiefs.

This comes, it says, just six years after a major numbers change which was supposed to be the last.

Drinking session

The Daily Mirror claims Prince Harry and his girlfriend Chelsy Davy went on a 48-hour drinking session.

The mammoth celebration was said to have marked Harry's passing out from his Sandhurst officer's course.

The Morning Star reports on peace campaigners' support for an RAF doctor refusing to serve in Iraq.

The Daily Express reports scientologist star Tom Cruise will allow his fiancee Katie Holmes to take painkillers during her impending childbirth.

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