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Last Updated: Friday, 14 April 2006, 06:18 GMT 07:18 UK
Newspapers ponder honours arrest
Mastheads of the national newspapers

The arrest of Des Smith - in the cash for honours probe - leaves the papers plenty to speculate about.

The Daily Telegraph suggests Mr Smith could be offered immunity from prosecution in exchange for details about Labour's patronage system.

But who's next? The Times talks of 12 millionaire party backers who have been warned to expect a knock at the door.

The Daily Mail thinks it may not end there. Scottish Nationalist MP Angus MacNeil says it goes right to the top.

DNA database

Whoever is questioned as part of the inquiry might wonder about their DNA being added to a national database.

The Independent reports that Britain leads the western world in compiling DNA samples - with records for more than 5% of the population.

The paper complains that many of those on the database have never been charged or cautioned.

And it says retaining their records is a disgraceful infringement of civil rights.

'Perfect copper'

The car crash death of policeman Joe Carroll dominates the Daily Mirror, which calls him a "perfect copper".

Pc Carroll died when his patrol car overturned as he escorted an arrested man to the cells.

The paper quotes Northumbria police chief Mike Craike, who said he was the "bobby all of you would want".

The Sun tells how he had been taking the prisoner to a station in Newcastle - 20 miles away - because all the cells at Hexham were full.

Surf odyssey

The story of windsurfer Adam Cowles, who found he may have ventured too far from Swansea Bay, tickles the Guardian.

The 24-year-old university technician only began to sense something was wrong when the shoreline behind him vanished and he passed a huge cargo ship.

He decided to press on and hours later his odyssey ended on a Devon beach.

"Even though I did not have any money, a couple took me off to a pub. I was... completely soaking and in my wetsuit, but no-one batted an eyelid," he said.

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