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Bishop attacks Noel's cosmic plan
Noel Edmonds
Edmonds' new game show is a huge hit
A Bishop has used his Easter address to criticise comparisons between a mystical "ordering system" used by TV host Noel Edmonds and Christian prayer.

The Deal or No Deal presenter is said to put his TV comeback down to being granted wishes by "cosmic ordering".

But the Right Reverend Carl Cooper said people placing "an order with the cosmos" to be delivered was "nonsense".

Edmonds' website refers to the concept, which he discovered when he read Barbel Mohr's The Cosmic Ordering Service.

People can order anything from a luxury home to the perfect husband but vindictive orders will not be granted, proponents of the theory claim.

No 'room service'

But in his Easter address Bishop Cooper, the Church in Wales Bishop of St David's said: "It may be laudable to set goals in life, but we don't need to dress this up in spiritual language.

"Intercessory prayer is part of our Christian tradition, however it is not divine room service, nor is it a heavenly shopping trolley."

Intercessory prayer is part of our Christian tradition, however it is not divine room service, nor is it a heavenly shopping trolley
Right Reverend Carl Cooper

A spokesman for Mr Edmonds said the former Swap Shop presenter had only "played around" with the system.

The said: "It is all a bit out of context. Noel Edmonds has said he is a man of faith.

"But he hasn't been gripped with some L Ron Hubbard-type faith (Scientology).

"What Cosmic Ordering did was trigger in his mind that we have to be positive and he just started making more positive decisions.

"He wrote a list of achievements but not in the way set out by this system. It was part of life changes which happened to him after his split".

Edmonds left TV screens when his BBC contract expired in 2000 and split with his second wife, Helen, in summer 2005.

In October he returned to TV with Channel 4 game show Deal or no Deal. After just six months on air the show is attracting high viewing figures and has earned a BAFTA nomination.

Hear the Bishops criticism of cosmic ordering

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