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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 April 2006, 13:43 GMT 14:43 UK
Facing up to an uncertain future
As the home secretary wins an appeal against a ruling which prevented failed Zimbabwean asylum-seekers from being deported, some of those affected tell the BBC News website of their concerns over the judgement.


I'm afraid if I was sent back to Zimbabwe I would face a lot of difficulties since I'm a political activist and the government of Robert Mugabe does not take kindly to political opposition.

I was a youth activist for the opposition and we used to rally the youth and distribute flyers and mobilise people. I was kidnapped by the regime's agents, tortured and beaten, electrocuted, it was a horrible time I had so I know what they are capable of doing.

So I would be in great danger because as soon as I arrived I would be taken from the airport by the security services and goodness knows what would happen. But the result would be grave, we are talking about death here.

Most of my family back home have disappeared or died. I don't think it's going to be safe to go back until there's a change of government.


If I had to go back to Zimbabwe I would be killed just for having claimed asylum in a foreign country, which is not allowed by the regime.

I think sending people back to Zimbabwe is a error of judgement on the part of the government, they should consider our cases and grant us asylum.

In Zimbabwe I was a secretary but I fell out with the government. Most of my family have had to flee the country, some are in South Africa, some in America and some in the UK.

I think it's too dangerous for people to be sent back, I think there would be suicides or people going into hiding.


I'm involved in a group which helps Zimbabweans in detention centres and fights for them to be released into their communities.

The High Court decision is sad for us because we thought we would finally have a decision and an end to this whole case. I think it just throws people back into an uncertain state as to what is going to happen with their case.

Right now this case is going back to the tribunal and possibly back to the court of appeal and then the House of Lords, this could take a couple of years.

In the meantime people will remain destitute. We have people who are living on the streets, because they cannot get any support from the state.

I think the politicians need to bold and take a decision. Everyone is agreed the situation in Zimbabwe is grim. Politicians agreed the situation was grim in Iraq, it's the same thing in Zimbabwe and we need a resolution.

So I would call on the politicians to reconsider their position on Zimbabwe and grant some relief to Zimbabweans.


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