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In full: Deepcut families' statement
Deepcut barracks, Surrey
The families said the regime at Deepcut 'absolutely failed'
The families of the four soldiers who died at Deepcut barracks released a statement about the findings of Nicholas Blake's review.

Firstly, we're very grateful to Nicholas Blake for the work he has done and we have every respect for the manner in which he has conducted this review.

However, Mr Blake's task would have been made easier had his powers not been limited.

Mr Blake could not compel witnesses to give evidence, nor could he give the names of those witnesses who refused to give evidence to him.

Mr Blake's review has further highlighted the horrendous bullying and intimidation that was going on at Deepcut.

It is obvious that the regime there absolutely failed.

Our children signed to serve the country. It's time the country served them
Deepcut families

We have now had investigations by Surrey Police, Devon and Cornwall Police, the Adult Learning Inspectorate, Defence Select Committee and Nicholas Blake.

In short, we seem to have spent an awful amount of time, effort and money holding back the families' calls for a public inquiry.

We have been told that Deepcut, together with the ongoing war in Iraq, is having a considerable effect on recruitment in the British Army.

The MoD must take responsibility for this.

It is a consequence of a four-year stand-off we've had with them in our fight to get to the truth of what happened to our children.

It is important that people realise that we started off with the Army assuming that all four deaths were suicide. The coroner's court has rejected this three times.

If we are to believe that this is over, that the situation is under control, we need to explain the substantial number of unexplained deaths that continued to happen since James Collinson's death in 2002.

We still believe a public inquiry would serve the interests of the families, of the public and of the army itself.

In light of this we are continuing our fight for a public inquiry.

Our children signed to serve the country. It's time the country served them.

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