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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 March 2006, 12:38 GMT
Horse sanctuary on royal agenda
Camilla and a donkey
Camilla fed several animals at the Cairo sanctuary
A visit to a sanctuary for mistreated horses was on the agenda for Prince Charles and his wife as they continued their tour of Egypt.

The Duchess of Cornwall, who has a strong interest in horses, had asked for a trip to the Brooke Hospital in Cairo to be included in their visit.

She fed a carrot to one white Arabian horse, prompting Charles to say: "Your first carrot, darling."

The horse had leg sores from rope burns as it carried tourists to the Pyramids.

Maltreatment by its owner had left it close to death, but it has been nursed at the clinic since arriving a fortnight ago.

Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla had attended a fundraising event for the charity in Aberdeen in 2004, and Charles visited a Luxor clinic in 1995.

Lady Hilary Weir, chairman of the trustees for the charity, said: "[Camilla] said she really was moved and wanted to lend her support.

"She was fantastic. They understand horses so it means something to them."

There were 53 horses in the clinic's ward, with many injured in collisions with Cairo's traffic.

The day before, Prince Charles had given a speech at Al-Azhar University in the city, calling for greater respect between religions.

He said his "heart is heavy from... never-ending death and destruction" in the world.

Charles was also awarded an honorary degree by the university.


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