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Last Updated: Friday, 10 March 2006, 07:16 GMT
Papers consider supermarket probe
Mastheads of the national newspapers
There is no shortage of space in Friday's papers given over to the new inquiry by the Office of Fair Trading into the big four supermarkets.

The Guardian believes the OFT inquiry will give small shops the chance to fight back.

The Times warns against hysteria, as consumers have benefited greatly from lower prices and intense competition.

But, it says, nothing does more to undermine capitalism than anti-competitive practices.

Way with words

The news that Wayne Rooney has been given a 5m deal to write a five volume autobiography over the next 12 years is greeted with incredulity.

Rooney, who as the Telegraph points out already earns the gross national product of a small African country, has a questionable literary ability.

The Independent offers some advice on what titles not to choose.

The Guardian says his way with words is usually restricted to very short ones with lots of asterisks.

Maxwell's death

The Independent is alone in reporting the newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell was being investigated for war crimes shortly before he drowned 15 years ago.

It has seen a file released by the Met Police which shows that he was to be interviewed about the murder of an unarmed German civilian in 1945.

The paper reports that Maxwell knew he was facing a possible life sentence.

The Sun is staggered at the 50 fine handed to a Leicestershire man for putting rubbish in a street litter bin.

Pension payback

Both the Daily Telegraph and Daily Express report on tens of thousands of pensioners having to pay back money they have received as pension credits.

The Telegraph describes it as a "fiasco" that the Department for Work and Pensions has admitted it would have to claw back some of the cash.

Official figures showed overpayments had more than tripled from 40 million in 2001 to 130m last year.

Charity Help the Aged described the move as heartless.

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