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Timeline: England football violence
Major championships in the past have been blighted by trouble in which those claiming to follow England have been involved.

Here are some of the main incidents since the 1960s:


Levels of violence before and after matches rise sharply.

Incidence of British football violence double in the first five years of the decade compared to the previous 25 years, according to the 1966 Chester Report, an inquiry into the state of football in the UK.


National newspapers begin to give more and more coverage to football hooliganism in the UK.

The Daily Mirror publishes league tables of hooligan notoriety causing some academics to accuse the paper of encouraging football violence by giving publicity to hooligans.


England fail to qualify for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina. Around this time, the hooligan element following England, particularly at away matches, is growing.


At the 1980 European Championships in Italy, trouble breaks out in the section of the crowd behind the England goal in their first round match with Belgium in their first round match. The deployment of tear gas by police forces both teams off the pitch before half-time.


England fail to qualify for the European Championships in France.


On 29 May 1985, trouble erupts between Juventus and Liverpool fans at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels, Belgium, about an hour before the European Cup Final.

During the fighting, a group of Italian supporters run towards a terrace wall which collapses, crushing 39 fans to death.

The disaster leads to all English clubs being banned from European football for five years, with a 10-year ban on Liverpool's participation.


The World Cup in Italy is relatively trouble free for England supporters.


At the European Championships in Sweden, 250 England fans are arrested for violence and disorder.


England fail to qualify for the World Cup in the US. Chairman of the 1994 World Cup committee Alan Rothenberg says of the lack of England fans at the tournament: "There were three countries in the world whose presence would have created logistical problems.

"So we're very pleased they won't be coming - Iraq, Iran and England."


Some 942 arrests are made at the European Championships on England's home turf.


World Cup in France. England fans riot in Marseilles. There are 278 England fans arrested for violence and disorder.


European Championships. Belgium and Netherlands. Violence in Charleroi. Some 945 England fans are arrested during the tournament. Uefa considers expelling England from the tournament. In the event, the team fails to make it past the group stages.


The Euro 2004 championships in Portugal are relatively trouble free for England fans with 53 arrests made in the holiday resorts, not near the match venues.



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