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Accident death UK soldier named
Lance Corporal Sean Tansey
L/Cpl Tansey enlisted in the army in May 1999
A British soldier who died in an accident at a base in Afghanistan has been named by the Ministry of Defence.

Lance Corporal Sean Tansey, of the Household Cavalry Regiment, was killed as he repaired a damaged Scimitar tank in Helmand province on Saturday.

An inquiry into the incident near Sangin is to be held.

L/Cpl Tansey, 26, was single and from Newcastle. He joined the Lifeguards in May 1999 and spent most of his time within the Reconnaissance Sabre Troops.

The MoD said the junior non-commissioned officer was an "outstanding" gunner and driving and maintenance instructor and the troop leader's operator.

"Throughout his time in Iraq and subsequently in Afghanistan, L/Cpl Tansey was often in the thick of the action, and on both operations he proved himself a highly competent and utterly dependable operator," his commanding officer said.

'Utterly dependable'

The death brings the number of British soldiers killed in Afghanistan since 2001 to 19.

Always smart, always hard working, he was a very experienced reconnaissance soldier
Lt Col Edward Smyth-Osbourne

Of that number, seven - including L/Cpl Tansey - died because of illness, accident, or injuries which were not caused by combat.

"Always smart, always hard working, he was a very experienced reconnaissance soldier, who was not only respected professionally but was also a charming individual, hugely popular among his peers," said Lt Col Edward Smyth-Osbourne, Commanding Officer of the Household Cavalry regiment.

"With his death the Household Cavalry has suffered the loss of another exceptionally talented member of the regiment."

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