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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 March 2006, 07:16 GMT
Papers criticise state of NHS
Mastheads of the national newspapers
The NHS comes under further scrutiny from the papers, with the Daily Mirror saying there has been a "catastrophic loss of financial control".

It warns that job cuts, bed closures and the like add up to "a political disaster" - and it urges ministers to "get a grip."

The Daily Express says the NHS is obsessed with artificial targets.

It said it was "obscenely wasteful" and incapable of delivering high-tech care to an ageing population.

No gain?

The Guardian wonders what will happen if voters decide that Mr Blair and Gordon Brown have "blown billions for little gain".

The paper suspects that the NHS problems are deep-seated and it fears that no-one knows what to do.

The Daily Telegraph thinks ministers should send in private sector "hit squads" to tackle failing hospitals.

The Independent argues for closing hospitals and departments which are now in the wrong places.

Model behaviour

The Sun reports that half the country's primary schools will be knocked down and rebuilt, or given a facelift - at a cost of 7 billion.

A photo of model Kate Moss' ear with plasters is in the Times.

According to the paper, this indicates she is having acupuncture "to control the stress and cravings of fighting of addiction".

The Daily Star and Mail agree, while the Sun goes so far as to comment: "this is progress".

Look, no hands!

Another blonde - Donna Maddock - has her photo all over the papers after she was fined after applying her eye make-up while driving her car.

The Mirror calls her "Driving Ms Dozy" while the Guardian says: "You couldn't make it up."

"Look!" cries the Daily Star, "No hands" and the Daily Express calls it a moment of madness.

The Sun says she had her mind on the boyfriend she was going to meet.

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