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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 March 2006, 07:14 GMT
Health chief 'forced' to resign
Mastheads of the national newspapers
The papers say that Sir Nigel Crisp was "forced" to quit as chief executive of the NHS in England.

The Daily Telegraph says he was also forced to carry the can for its financial crisis while the Daily Mail describes him as the "fall guy".

The Times says Tony Blair thought the NHS had "taken its foot off the pedal".

But there is anger in some quarters at his "gold-plated" early retirement package and pension, "topped with a peerage", as the Daily Express puts it.

'Re-establishing reputation'

The departure of Sunday Telegraph editor Sarah Sands, according to the Independent, follows a "disastrous" relaunch of the paper.

The relaunch was aimed at making the paper more appealing to women but cost the title some 30,000 readers, the Independent adds.

The Guardian says her replacement, Patience Wheatcroft, is expected to put news and politics at the paper's heart.

She will re-establish a reputation for breaking news and analysis, it adds.

Critics fears

The Daily Mirror says that terror suspects at Belmarsh prison in London will get laptop computers to help them prepare their legal cases.

The paper says critics believe prisoners could use them to orchestrate criminal activity, even though there will be no internet access.

The Mirror also reports criticism of Belmarsh by Anne Owers.

Staff did not understand the religious behaviour of Muslims, the chief inspector of prisons said in a report.

Cross to bear

Finally, is a cross displayed in the grounds of a church an advertisement? Dudley Borough Council says it is.

The Express reports that a Methodist church has been told it has to pay 75 for a planning application to put up a cross.

It is deemed to be an advert under the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act, the paper reports.

The church's minister tells the Mail: "The only thing we want to sell is the word of the gospel."

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