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Who are the terror plot suspects?
Manchester airport
Arrests of terror suspects have sparked a massive security alert
Details have emerged of the background of some of the British residents named in connection with the alleged terror plot to blow up UK flights.

They range in ages between 17 and 36 and are from various addresses in East London, Buckinghamshire and Birmingham.

Five live in the Buckinghamshire town of High Wycombe and three of those held have recently converted to Islam.

The list includes a security guard, a science student and a university drop-out who works for a music company.

Leading human rights lawyer and chair of the Muslim Council of Great Britain's legal affairs committee Khalid Sofi told BBC News the Muslim community had felt "shock and disbelief" at the arrests.

Mr Sofi said if the security services had indeed disrupted a genuine terrorist plot this would be very welcome, but it was important any evidence against the suspects was presented to their lawyers as soon as practically possible.

Map: UK terror raid locations

"Due to the international dimension to this case, it may take more time to assemble evidence," Mr Sofi said.

He is also concerned the enormous media coverage may have created an adverse impression of the suspects.

Abdul Waheed, 21, was arrested in High Wycombe.

He had changed his name from Don Stewart-Whyte about six months previously, according to neighbours.

Another suspect, Osman Adam Khatib, 19, has lived in Walthamstow all his life.

He is described by a friend as having recently become very serious in his adherence to Islam.

One of the suspects has recently become a father and worked in security at Heathrow Airport.

Pakistani dimension

Another is well-known for political activism at his university in East London. He is also a football fan and keen follower of Liverpool.

One of the men arrested in east London, the son of an architect, is a talented football player who works for a music company.

A British citizen arrested in Pakistan in connection with the alleged terror plot has been named as Rashid Rauf, described by the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad as a key suspect.

He is thought to be related to Tayib Rauf, 22, of Birmingham - another of the suspects arrested in Britain.

Friends of one of the suspects react to his arrest

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