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The six men who killed Mary-Ann
Six men have been convicted of murdering Mary-Ann Leneghan, who was abducted and killed in Reading after being held in a hotel and subjected to a horrific ordeal. Who were these men?

Adrian Thomas, 20

Adrian Thomas

Known by the street name Redz, Thomas was the ringleader and it was his decision to go to Reading, find Mary-Ann and her friend, and rape, torture and kill them.

Thomas, of Queenstown Road, Battersea, south London, had come to Reading initially to deal drugs. When he was attacked in his flat and robbed by a local gang he blamed Mary-Ann and her friend for "setting him up".

He told his friends he would be returning to Reading to "sort it out".

It took three weeks for Thomas to find five friends, including a driver, who were willing to take part in the sickening revenge mission.

At his trial, Thomas declined to give evidence.

Michael Johnson, 19

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson took an active role on the night of the murder. He was involved in the abuse in the hotel room and was one of the group who took the girls to Prospect Park.

The surviving girl identified Johnson as being the man who stabbed Mary-Ann with a flick-knife. She said Mary-Ann rolled into a ball and began to cry, but Johnson continued to stab her all over her body.

Faced with a wealth of evidence against him, Johnson, of Keevil Drive, Southfields, south west London, changed his plea to guilty to murder halfway through the trial. He also admitted attempted murder and kidnap, but continued to deny rape.

Johnson, who declined to give evidence at his trial, had spent much of his childhood in care and made confessions to his social worker after the murder.

Joshua Morally, 23

Joshua Morally

Joshua Morally was a cousin of Adrian Thomas and they were very close.

He was involved in most of the sexual abuse of the two girls, and Mary-Ann's friend recalled him hitting her with a metal pole.

The court was told that it was Joshua, of Brook Close, Balham, south London, who made his living as a crack dealer, who had cut off Mary-Ann's friend's hair.

At one point he said to the girls: "You're going to die, I hope you know that."

Later he was one of those who took the girls to Prospect Park.

Jamaille Morally, 22

Jamaille Morally

The court heard that Joshua Morally's brother, Jamaille, was involved in all of the most sickening aspects of the girls' ordeal and at one point, in the hotel room, stuck a gun into Mary-Ann's mouth.

Mary-Ann's friend said it was Jamaille, of Brook Close, Balham, south London, who shot her at point blank range, having asked her: "Are you ready to die?"

A bloody sheet from the hotel where the girls were abused was found hidden under his moped outside his home in Balham, south London. Morally claimed it had been planted there.

His counsel, Michael Borrelli QC, admitted his client had initially lied to the police, but added: "The fact that he has been proved a serial liar does not mean to say that he is guilty of all or some of these offences."

The trial heard that his mother, Veveth, had disowned him after learning of what happened.

But Morally himself told the jury: "I did not go the park. I did not shoot Mary- Ann's friend. I did not do the things people are saying I have done."

The jury clearly believed he was lying again.

Indrit Krasniqi, 18

Indrit Krasniqi

An orphan who was originally from Kosovo, Indrit Krasniqi played a lesser role than his co-defendants in the events of the night of 6 and 7 May.

But he confessed to stubbing out cigarettes on the girls and pricking them with a knife while they were in the hotel room.

Krasniqi, of Oxford Road North, Chiswick, west London, later rang his social worker, Claudette Campbell, and confessed to his involvement in the attack.

She said he also told her: "One of the girls was put on her knees and shot in the back of the head."

When she asked him what he knew of the killing he said he was there but he did not have anything to do with it.

Llewellyn Adams, 24

Llewellyn Adams

Llewellyn Adams was the driver who brought the gang to Reading from London in a red Nissan Primera.

His barrister, Anthony Arlidge QC, claimed Adams was the "the odd one out" and did not deserve to be convicted of murder or rape.

He said his client was studying for a degree in IT and music and working part-time in a supermarket at the time of Mary-Ann's death.

Adams, of Old Hospital Close, Balham, south London, finished stacking shelves at Sainsbury's at 10pm that night and then went off to pick up his friends.

Mr Arlidge claimed: "If he knew they were going to rape the girls and kill them he would never have gone in a month of Sundays.

"He does bear a heavy moral responsibility for what happened, but a moral and a legal responsibility are not the same thing. His failure to drive off was inexcusable. His failure to report the matter to police was inexcusable and he recognises that."

Mr Arlidge said his client, who had known Jamaille Morally since primary school, was the only one who had apologised to the families of the two girls for what happened that night.

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