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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 August 2006, 17:03 GMT 18:03 UK
Britons 'are drinking too much'
Man with drink
Many Britons admitted injuring themselves while they were drunk
Almost two-thirds of Britons drink more than the recommended daily limit - two pints of beer or small glasses of wine, at least once a week, a study suggests.

And 20% of Britons admit they have injured themselves while drunk, the Drink Aware Trust and the British Chiropractic Association say.

Almost all chiropractors claim to have treated people for drink-related injuries, according to the research.

Ministers will give 15m to hospitals next year to tackle alcohol abuse.

More than 20% of people admitted drinking to excess a few times a week, and almost 40% said they did so once a week.

Under government guidelines, most men can drink three to four units a day and most women can drink two to three.

Half a pint of ordinary strength beer is one unit
A single pub measure of spirits is one unit
A small glass of 11% ABV wine is one and a half units

However, men who consistently drink four or more units a day risk their health - as do women consistently consuming three or more units a day.

People between 18 and 29 admitted to drinking the most - with more than 50% saying they got drunk at least once a week.

Chiropractors told researchers that patients often lie about what caused their injuries, so hampering their treatment.

Some 90% said they had treated people for drink-related injuries.

UK among worst 'binge drinkers'
01 Jun 06 |  Health

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