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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 March 2006, 18:57 GMT
UK voters' panel: David Mayer

David Mayer
Name: David Mayer
Age: 45
Lives: Emsworth, Hampshire
Works: Financial services
Last general election voted: Liberal Democrats
Original voting intention: Undecided
In 10 words or less:
"Husband and father of six, fearful of our economic future."

As I said when Charles Kennedy resigned in January, I think the election of Sir Menzies Campbell is a retrograde step for the Liberal Democrats.

Maybe the party members who elected him think he might be a viable alternative to the younger leaders of the other two main parties.

However, I strongly feel that he does not look the part of a modern leader of a modern political party.

In fact, he looks to have more of a traditional Conservative style about him.

Chris Huhne might not have a lot of parliamentary experience but he does at least come across as someone who could have taken the party back into the middle ground of British politics.

Instead the Lib Dems now have a leader that will take the party slightly further to the left and leave Labour and the Conservatives to fight for middle ground voters.

Given my personal antipathy to the Labour party and its leadership, David Cameron may have just found a new supporter in Emsworth.


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