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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 May 2006, 05:09 GMT 06:09 UK
Report backs 'less able' parents
A mother with her daughter
The report calls for better training of agency officials
Parents with learning difficulties are having their children taken away from them without proper alternatives being considered, a report has said.

Agencies would be better served taking a more positive approach, the Bristol University study suggested.

Parenting classes could be offered in such situations and officials need better training, it said.

If such help was offered, the report said that these parents would not have to lose their children.

Practical help

It is increasingly common for people with learning difficulties to have children.

Why does a learning disability deny anyone the common dignity the rest of us enjoy?
Ryan, Rome

However, researchers found that in 50% of cases children were being taken from their natural parents.

However, the report's authors believe many of these parents could look after their children perfectly well if they had been offered practical help.

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11 May 06 |  Scotland

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