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The one-month anniversary of the bombings in London is marked with tributes to each of the 52 people killed in the attacks.

If you knew any of the dead and would like to send your tribute for inclusion in the person's obituary, use the form below, including what sort of person they were and how you knew them.

Or you can send a general comment about the tributes. A selection will be posted here.

Send your comments using the form below.

This tribute page is now closed. Thank you for your comments.

My Mate Chris Small - I studied at Middlesex University with Chris and sometimes we trained at the gym together, and I have not seen him since graduation 2001. We would email each other and share jokes, but last I heard he had moved to Birmingham. He is a unique and peaceful man, and a good friend. I was shocked when I heard the news as I was in Spain when this horrific tragedy happened. Chris is an honest and decent man and in the four years I had known him at Uni, he never had an unkind or negative word for anybody (this is rare). I'm going to miss you mate...
Raymond Walcott

Christian, I only knew you for a short time whilst you were in Birmingham, and I am still saddened to hear that you were caught up in these attacks. You will be remembered as a strong, positive black man! May God bless your family and friends.
Nicole, England

Susan Levy had a beautiful smile that will be so missed. My heart is sad to never see it again.
Carolyn J Morrow-Denning, Mesa, AZ United States

Dear friends, I would like to express with all my heart, Iīm so sorry about this terrible tragedy to London and who lost a girlfriend, boyfriend, family, friend or somebody who loves so much...I have prayed, and I send love to you London, my favourite city, to my dear English friends, and people who I didnīt meet but anyway, please!!! take care. God bless you.
Diana Viņas, Mexico City

Christian Small, We will never forget you, my friend from primary school at Highbury Quadrant, London N5. We played football till the cows come home. Hope to kick a ball in heaven with you some day, mate!
Gregg Lamb, London

I knew Fiona Stevenson at Sussex University. I remember her as being smart and funny, ambitious and a really good laugh. Its shocking that her life and career have been brought to an end like this. My sympathy is for her family and friends. Rest in peace, Fiona.
Trudy Follwell, Denmark

Behnazy Mozzaka. We soon realised how fortunate we were to have her working with us at the Royal Free Hospital A truly lovely lady who will always be remembered with affection, by all who knew her. My deepest sympathy to all her family
Alec Leete, Welwyn Garden City, England

I just want to extend my deepest sympathy to the entire families of the victims. I felt so sad when I saw the faces on the screen, I was just running tears from my eyes.
Illa Isha Conteh, Sierra Leone

I breifly knew Anthony Fatayi-Williams in the summer of 1997. Anthony was great fun to be around and a very caring individual, all of us who knew him would like to express our deep sadness on hearing of his death.
Nana Ben Akwei-Sturdy LLB(Hons), Accra, Ghana

I did not know Shahara that well, I only got to know her in May when I went to London for a holiday, we swapped numbers and chatted every 2-3 days, she seemed kind, pleasant and loving and never did she mention politics in our converstaions. Rest in peace Shahara.
Adam Khan, Stockton On Tees, Teeside

I read a few tributes of the people listed here every day, and it makes me realise how precious the gift of life really is, and how its not just a number to be placed on these people after the tragedy, as the people who died were living greatly. May God embrace you all in his arms and introduce you all to greater places. Take care.
Kiran Patel, London

Anat Rosenberg was lively and great fun, a unique lady. Intervals at the opera and ballet will never be such fun.
Lindsay Bartrop-White, United Kingdom

Gladys Wundowa, was a treasured sister and friend. The void she has left will never be filled. Her selflessness and spirit of determination will be missed greatly. We ask God for strength to carry on her good work and support Emmanuel, Zak & Azuma through the days ahead.
Regina Acquaye, UK

Just as terrorism and warfare seek to dehumanise their victims, these obituaries on BBC News Online reclaim the victims' humanity for them - placing a photo and a tale of the real life of a real human being next to every victim; someone who left loved ones behind to grieve and mourn. The BBC is providing an invaluable public service by posting these obituaries. Other people from other parts of the world could perhaps take inspiration from this and set up obituaries to ALL the victims of war and violence all over the world, thereby reclaiming their humanity for them. It's a daunting task, but do they not deserve it? When every victim of war, terrorism and violence has his or her life's tale saved for posterity on the Internet, then perhaps Joseph Stalin's comment that "One death is a tragedy, one million deaths is statistics" will no longer be relevant. Or am I just naive?
M. Dwyer, Netherlands (Brit ex-pat)

I just want say how much my heart felt touched when I saw the funeral of these lovely couple Lee Harris and Samantha Badham even though I did not knew them. My deepest sympathy. May God bless them, rest in peace.
Cristiana Ribas, UK

I worked with David in sales in Manchester. I remember meeting this lad with spiky blonde hair, sunglasses, collarless jacket looking like something out of Matrix and thinking oh what!? He quickly won me over with his wicked (and occasionally inappropriate!) sense of humour. I've coped with the grief just by thinking how much David would rip it out of me if he saw me crying. Hilariously harsh, with a heart of gold. Can't believe he's gone.
Rob Black, Liverpool, UK

I was in Tavistock Square @ 0947 7/7 and will never forget it as long as I live. Tears fall as I read the obituaries on this site. I hope the world can find love in all this hate, most of all I hope the poor families and friends who lost those dear to them can remember the good of those they lost and not be defeated by cowards. I consider myself lucky and unlucky in one breath. I feel for everyone.
Andrew, UK

I remember Carrie Taylor as a guiding light to comfort them from darkest night. Her smile will be soft winds of time that will ease the pain that's left behind, so call her name each night and day and she will lift your pain away
Anne Taylor, London

I would like to express my condolencies to Veronica and the family of Jonathon Downey, from a fellow resident of Wolverton, Milton Keynes. I am one half of another young couple that live in a Victorian town house in this multi-cultural part of a young city. His story and those of the other victims that had given, and had so much to give have touched my heart. We are not afraid because bombers can never change who we are.
Lisa Collier, UK

Words fail me. A moving tribute to "ordinary" people made special because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. May you all rest in peace and may your family and friends draw strength from the love you gave whilst living.
Howard Law, UK

I write to all the families of the victims living and non living. I would like to express my condolences to you all and tell how sad it is for some irresponsible youths to commit such a brutal act against ordinary men and women and then jeoperdise a faith that is sent by God as a mercy for all mankind (Quran).
Nanaz (Muslim Londoner), UK

My thought go to all those killed especially As a the father of a 24-year-old my heart goes out to Richard Ellery's parents. I didn't know him or do I know his parents but as a parent of a young son I just feel for them. Words are not enough to lose a loved son I just like to put this thought on record.
Michael Ohajuru, UK

My friend Giles Hart died on the No. 30 bus. He was a human rights activist who worked tirelessly for others. It is so awful that he should be taken from us in this way. May he rest in peace along with all the other victims of this heinous crime.
Carole Gardiner, London, England

I find the tributes very moving and very just. They really were a cross section of people in London that day and it could have been any of us. I no longer live in London, but happened to be there on that day staying near the Edgware Road and it was all very vivid and terrible. It would be nice to think there could be some lasting memorial to them, many of them so young, all races, religions and nationalities, in central London, maybe Tavistock Square?
Rosemary Ellerbeck, England, Dorset

To all who have lost a person you love, in this horrific tragedy. My heart, my prayers, and my love go out to you. They are with their Creator now. Take care of yourselves.
johanna logsdon, norman, oklahoma USA

Personally I have not known anyone killed in these bomb blasts, but my heart aches when I read about their families who lost their dear ones. May God bless them all and give strength and courage to all the families who lost their loved ones. My religion teaches love and respect for all the humans and to kill one innocent human being is like killing the entire humanity. I wonder where it is said to kill innocent people?
Asad Rehman, Lahore, Pakistan

I am writing to the family and friends of Fiona Stevenson. I did not know her, but I am an attorney and the picture of her on this site reminded me so much of how I, and my fellow women lawyers, looked at her age. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult her loss must be for her family and friends, and, certainly, her colleagues and clients. My son spent time in London while a college student, in a legal class for aspiring lawyers. He got to know many English legal institutions, including attendance at IRA terrorism trials in the Old Bailey and I know he ranks that experience as one of his finest. I'd like to think that perhaps he crossed paths, if ever so briefly, with Fiona. As I know how important it would be to me in similar circumstances, please know that you, Fiona, and your fellow countrypeople, are in our thoughts and meditations.
Ann German, Libby, Montana, USA

I just want to say how much I am thinking of James Mayes's parents and sister. I worked with Rosemary in a collaborative project between six London Universities and she often talked about her son James of whom she was obviously very proud. I wish Rosemary, Bernard and their daughter Rachel all the strength there is, to cope with such an untimely and unfair loss.
Judy Woolfe, (previously Judy Early) UK

Emily Jenkins, I only knew you a short time, but you were lovely. I know you are well and being looked-after whereever you are.
Cathy Lynch, London

I knew Anthony Fatayi-Williams during his school days in Paris, where we were both studying for our A levels. He has to have been one of the kindest, most thoughtful people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. My sympathies are with his family for their most tragic loss... Anthony was loved by all that met him. May he rest in peace... Love Natasha
Natasha Cottrell, Dorset, UK

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