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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2 August 2005, 15:23 GMT 16:23 UK
Bus fire incident not suspicious
Streets near King's Cross were cordoned off during the incident
A small fire on a London bus caused the closure of several roads - but the incident was not suspicious.

Police, fire and ambulance services all attended the incident, with a cordon immediately erected around Gray's Inn Road and Euston Road near King's Cross.

There were no reports of an explosion, but some passengers were reported to have suffered from smoke inhalation.

Police investigated the cause of the fire. The incident was stood down after about 30 minutes and streets reopened.

"Everyone panicked, but it was only a small fire and no one was hurt," a police spokesman said.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman said: "There was a small fire on a bus and it seems there was a bag found as well.

"Nobody was injured."

London Ambulance sent two ambulances and other medics to the scene.

Transport for London said it was a double-decker Number 205 bus, heading for Paddington.

The incident comes as British Transport Police officers remain on high alert following the 7 July bombings and the 21 July failed bombings.

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