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Last Updated: Sunday, 31 July 2005, 10:46 GMT 11:46 UK
Bomb suspect to fight extradition
The four suspects
1: Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, wanted over bomb attempt on a Tube near Warren Street, arrested in Birmingham
2: Muktar Said Ibrahim, 27, suspected of attempting to bomb a No 26 bus in Shoreditch, arrested in North Kensington, London
3: Ramzi Mohammed, wanted over failed attempt to bomb a Tube near Oval, arrested in North Kensington, London
4. Osman Hussain, 27 (also known as Hamdi Isaac) wanted over the Shepherd's Bush attack, arrested in Rome

One of the men hunted by UK police over the failed London bombings is expected to fight extradition from Italy.

Lawyers for Ethiopia-born Briton Hussain Osman, 27, also known as Hamdi Issac, said he had not agreed to fast-track the lengthy legal process.

Three other men suspected of taking part in the failed 21 July attacks are being questioned by police in London.

There are eight others still in custody in London, after would-be bombers targeted three Tube trains and a bus.

Scotland Yard forensic teams are also studying items seized from 14 addresses in London and two in Birmingham.

Mr Osman, who is suspected of attempting to bomb a train near Shepherd's Bush station in west London, appeared before Italian magistrates on Saturday for an initial extradition hearing.

He is the first suspect to whom Italy is applying the rules of the newly created European Arrest Warrant, allowing speedier transfer of suspects between EU states.

But after the hearing, his court-appointed lawyer Antonietta Sonnessa said the process could still take two months.

She said her client, who is believed to have been brought up in Italy, was "calm enough" during the hearing and that he "probably would prefer to stay in Italy" rather than return to Britain.

Hussain Osman
Hussain Osman is being linked to the Shepherd's Bush attack

The suspect was traced from London to a flat in Rome where he was staying with one of his brothers, named in the Italian media as Remzi Isaac. Both were arrested on Friday.

Italian news agency ANSA has reported that another brother, named as Fati Isaac, was arrested in Brescia in northern Italy on Sunday morning.

It is thought Italian police, who tracked Mr Osman through his mobile phone calls, will want to investigate his movements and contacts in Italy before agreeing to an extradition request.

Biggest manhunt

Meanwhile, the 11 suspects being held in the UK are already being questioned on charges relating to suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism, or harbouring fugitives.

They have been detained in a series of raids carried out since the failed attempts to bomb three Tube trains and a bus.

A suspect is led away by police
A BBC helicopter filmed the man in the white suit being detained

A further 17 people arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 during Scotland Yard's biggest manhunt in history, including two women held at Liverpool Street station on Friday, have been released without charge.

Police currently have until 3 August to question Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, the man detained in the Hay Mills area of Birmingham on Wednesday after being shot with a Taser stun gun.

He is suspected of the attempted bombing of a Victoria Line train, near Warren Street.

Muktar Said-Ibrahim, 27, alleged to be the would-be bus bomber, and Ramzi Mohammed, who is being linked with the attempted Oval Tube attack, were seized during a raid on a flat in the north Kensington area of London on Friday.

Officers currently have a warrant to detain these two men until 4 August. In total, from the day of arrest, police have 14 days to question the suspects before they must either charge or release them.

'Best day yet'

A man who was arrested in Notting Hill, London, on Friday, has been named by the Press Association as Wahbi Mohammed, 23, the brother of Ramzi.

It is thought detectives will question him over a device found at Little Wormwood Scrubs two days after the failed attacks.

Following Friday's series of raids, Scotland Yard said it had had its "best day yet" in the hunt for the 21 July attackers.

However, police chiefs have insisted the public must remain vigilant to the "very real threat" of further attacks.

Meanwhile, government ministers are to hold a series of meetings with the Muslim community during the summer.

Home Office minister Hazel Blears will attend the meetings, aimed at improving relations in the wake of the incidents on 7 and 21 July.

Watch footage of one of the suspects

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